Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little more Halloween

A few more pics courtesy of Emali, thanks! This was at the church party. Can you tell she ate spaghetti?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Abagayle October of 2006Lorelei October of 2009
They look so much more alike the older they get


Abagayle and Gracie got to dress up for preschool. Abagayle was supergirl, gracie tinkerbell! Aren't they so cute!
So the pic is super blurry cause our camera is not working so well lately but to go trick or treating Lorelei was in a warm chicken costume.
Jackson and Abagayle went to the church party and trick or treating as a GI Joe ninja and Barbie mariposa. Lorelei was a cow, not as warm or a costume for the church party.

The kids had a great time they really got into it this year. They went to a church party and played games, ate and went into spook alley. Which Jackson was carried out of by one of the missionaries :) They loved it, nice job Penny! They got awesome costumes, thanks mom! Then we went trick or treating. First to Dyannes house then through a neighborhood. They said several times that their bucket was too heavy and wanted us to carry it. When we said that was enough then, they said they could carry it. I didn't get a pic of Lorelei who slept in the stroller the neighborhood so cute, thank em for letting us borrow her costumes.


This is what Lorelei did every game, had some pretzels.
This is what Abagayle every game that Cassidy was there, she was such a good sport with Abagayle
He has the red sweatshirt under his uniform.
Showing me his muscles!

Warm ups!
We have had a long and great season, I forgot the camera almost every game :) So I did get a few shots of him in action. He had so much fun! We had the perfect coach. I really enjoyed being the team mom. It was a lot sometime with the other two kids, but we had fun!

Pumpkin Patch

Oh Sauve Island Pumpkin Patch! We love you so. We spent four fantastic Octobers there, making some fun memories :) It will be sad to not go next year.
Lorelei on her mini hay pyrimid.
Big kids on the big hay pyrimid
Lorelei did enjoy the tunnel on the big one.

Cow Train ride, a classic!
Helping Lorelei through the field
On the hay ride.
So happy and so darn cute!
I love it!