Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brandon Surgery Update

Brandon had surgery on Monday. He is doing better. He pretty much slept for Monday and Tuesday, LAZY :) Then he has been making a permant inprint on the couch ever since then. He has been taking pain pill and ice and is doing well. We went to the Dr on Friday and they said everything is healing nicely. So hopefully in a week or so it won't hurt him to walk/stand. I took a really cute pic of him with all his hospital wear on, but it was on my phone and I can't figure out how to email to myself. So you have to image the hair hat, gown (fully covered), and booties for his feet. It was quite a sight. :)

I did quite a bit of blog updating there are four blogs that I did. :) Sorry for those who have been hassling me , it took a bit.

Splash Park

We went to the Blue Lake splash park the Friday of finals week. Brandon had no finals that Friday! The kids and Brandon had a blast playing in the water. I enjoyed sitting in the shade :) There are a lot of pics but I couldn't pick a couple.


I know I haven't updated in bit. Life has been okay.

We all got really sick for a bit. The kids got it for week then Brandon and I got. I ended up in the hospital again from dehydration, sucks. Luckly we had our moms able to come and help, since I needed one at the hospital and the other with the kids. Brandon was quite sick, the weekend before finial was when all of this fun took place, great timing huh.

Pregnancy update. So I am feeling better, not throwing up too much anymore just occasionally. My headaches are getting more frequent but not much worse, so that is good in one way :) Some really great news though. I am not sure how many people knew this, but we were told at our 20 week ultrasound that the baby had a 2 vessel umbilical cord, normally it is a 3 vessel cord. There are some problems that can come from this, most of which we were clear of. The main problem they were worried about is growth. So they scheduled me for a growth scan 6 weeks later to see how well it was growing. Now for the good news! Not only was my baby a typical perkes baby and measuring about a week bigger then I actually am BUT they ultra sound tech said there is a 3 vessel cord. They must have missed it on the first ultrasound. So hooray!! A nice big healthy perkes baby is on the way.

I had been taking the kids to the park and library, you know fun times. They also started a preschool music class taught by a lady in our ward. It is for 3 & 4 year olds, about 6 kids to the class. They really like it. They learn about the musical alphabet and the now they are learning about which notes carry how many beats. They get to color, sing and play instruments. It is a half hour each Tues morning. Something fun for them do to for the summer.
Here are some random pics over the past few weeks.

She falls alseep anywhere.

She loves to put on all of the jewelry she owns on at once.This is Jackson talking on the phone to his aunt jessica. He told to stop it her was talking to jessica and get out of here.

Fishing at bonnieville dam

A while ago, since I updated for a bit, we went to the free fishing day at the bonneville dam. Some friends of our were up in goldendale (just north of dalles) from Utah, so we met them up there and the kids and their kids had a blast. It was raining off and on that day so I didn't get that many pics. Each of the kids caught a fish they were so happy! This pic is in front of a feeding area. You could buy food and toss it into the pond and they would all jump for it.