Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Song for us

On Sept. 8th Brandon and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. Brandon worked, when he got home I had a yummy dinner ready and he had brought home a small cake and flowers so sweet.
About 10 or 11 years ago when we were engaged I said it was sad that we didn't have a song. ( I am one of the those sappy girls ). I left it at that. Just a passing thought. He told me a few days later, he thought the Johnny Cash song "I Walk the Line" would be a good song. I thought, Johnny Cash that is someone that my Papa listened to. I thought you liked Classic Rock?? This was long before the movie, so I really had no idea who he was, sad I know.
I went and listened to it, how sweet. Over the years I have listened to more Johnny Cash and actually like most of it. Today when I was driving Jackson to school I heard that song. I started think how much I love my husband. How much he must have thought about choosing a song.
I love my husband so much. I know there is no one else for me. He handles all my crazy, especially when I am pregnant. He works so hard for us. Brandon is the best father I know. I love to watch him play with kids. How he holds them when they are so little for hours, just enjoying holding them. There are a lot of people who think he is mean or cold or quiet they just know him. He really is sweet and thoughtful, not just to me. He is the guy who get the bugs out, who double checks locks at 1 am when I wake up scared, who always asks me if I want a nap and hardly ever takes one for himself, who washs just about all our laundry, who can ALWAYS tell when something is wrong with me, who just loves me.

I wanted to write a post about him, especially after hearing that song. When I print these out I want my kids to read this and I know how much we care for each other.


This blanket I made for a friend I went to HS with. We played softball together, tons of fun memories. We have stayed friends over 11 years since HS. She had a little girl Alexis Sue. My mom helped me with star on back. I didn't show much of the front. There are 6 different fabrics that I used.

My friend Sonnet had a baby the end of April. I didn't get the blanket to her a bit aftwards. Sydney Virginia. She is such a doll! Sonnet and I have been friends since 8th grade. Too many fun times to even count. One of those people that you click with and know you will always be friends with. I think we talk on the phone probably at least twice a day on avg. :) I love her. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.
I did these fabrics, kinda 70's like, but I LOVED them!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little more Halloween

A few more pics courtesy of Emali, thanks! This was at the church party. Can you tell she ate spaghetti?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Abagayle October of 2006Lorelei October of 2009
They look so much more alike the older they get


Abagayle and Gracie got to dress up for preschool. Abagayle was supergirl, gracie tinkerbell! Aren't they so cute!
So the pic is super blurry cause our camera is not working so well lately but to go trick or treating Lorelei was in a warm chicken costume.
Jackson and Abagayle went to the church party and trick or treating as a GI Joe ninja and Barbie mariposa. Lorelei was a cow, not as warm or a costume for the church party.

The kids had a great time they really got into it this year. They went to a church party and played games, ate and went into spook alley. Which Jackson was carried out of by one of the missionaries :) They loved it, nice job Penny! They got awesome costumes, thanks mom! Then we went trick or treating. First to Dyannes house then through a neighborhood. They said several times that their bucket was too heavy and wanted us to carry it. When we said that was enough then, they said they could carry it. I didn't get a pic of Lorelei who slept in the stroller the neighborhood so cute, thank em for letting us borrow her costumes.


This is what Lorelei did every game, had some pretzels.
This is what Abagayle every game that Cassidy was there, she was such a good sport with Abagayle
He has the red sweatshirt under his uniform.
Showing me his muscles!

Warm ups!
We have had a long and great season, I forgot the camera almost every game :) So I did get a few shots of him in action. He had so much fun! We had the perfect coach. I really enjoyed being the team mom. It was a lot sometime with the other two kids, but we had fun!

Pumpkin Patch

Oh Sauve Island Pumpkin Patch! We love you so. We spent four fantastic Octobers there, making some fun memories :) It will be sad to not go next year.
Lorelei on her mini hay pyrimid.
Big kids on the big hay pyrimid
Lorelei did enjoy the tunnel on the big one.

Cow Train ride, a classic!
Helping Lorelei through the field
On the hay ride.
So happy and so darn cute!
I love it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Disney On Ice

We went to disney on ice with email and gracie. We had such a fun date night. The girls loved it! I think em and i had just as much fun! I teared up a couple of times. Just to see how much she was enjoying it was great for me. The pics are in reverse order. Thanks em for taking them i think I only got a couple on mine. So I stole yours :)
The girls were wiped. We left about 600 and the show started at 730 and then we got home at 1000! They had so much fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I hadn't updated pics in a bit. Here are some recent ones.
Daddy and his girls, ahhh.
Lorelei's first ponytail. So cute! She left it in for quite a while actually
I love her cheesy smile!
Jackson and Abagayle made a breakfast for Dad, 100% by themselves. Yogurt, devil juice "aka mt dew", candy and a peeled but not cooked potatoe. When I came downstairs they asked me to cook the potatoe for dad.
Yes they do peel potatoes for me, they are quite good at it actually.
They got temp tatoos when I had to go to the dr a couple weeks ago, Jackson got a superman one like his uncle brandon.
We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, the camera died after this picture. Lorelei loves to ride the sit and stand like this. She did so good, just standing there as we pushed her around. She didn't try to get off until we stopped...most of the time.
Jackson was in a time out. Lorelei wanted to join him. She stood there the whole time, 6 min. She would lean over and talk to him or poke at him. She LOVES Jackson, more then me I think sometimes :)
Brandon found a praying mantis in the backyard. The kids loved to look at it. Abagayle like to have it on her. Jackson would have no part of the touhing though. We had Ezra over, he held it too, I missed it with the camera and didn't really want to hold it again. sorry jess.
Lorelei loves to read or be read too. Tell her to go and get a book, she runs to the book cupboard and brings one to you then turns around and waits for you to pick her up. while saying "uppahhh"
This is her favorite meal. I hate to feed it to her.....can you guess why :)
Sorry it is blurry she kept trying to grab the camera :)