Tuesday, March 23, 2010

18 Months Lorelei

On Sunday Lorelei turned 18months old. I have her check up later next month but I think she is about 31 or 33 pounds. She is a tank! This passed 18 months have gone by so quickly, it is hard to think back to then. She was scheduled to come out on Mon the 22nd. However in true Lorelei fashion she did it on her own time and way. She came on the 21st with an emergency C section, since I was in labor. She was so tiny and sweet.
She has such a personality, she stands up for what she wants when she wants it. My mother in law reminds me that one day I will appreciate that trait. Let's hope Lorelei and I make it to that day. She is so independent, which great most of the time. She is a such a daddy's girl. Rarely do the words mom or mama come out of her mouth. I think it is really cute. I need to remember to cherish the sweet times with her. I found her in her room the other playing with babies. She had them in the highchair and stroller and was feeding them with her kitchen food, so sweet! I am so grateful she came to our family. Her older brother and sister adore her.
Happy 18 months Lorelei!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pioneer Park

We went to a super awesome park on Sunday. We spent two hours hiking and walking around. So much fun! The kids loved it! I was scared a few times, cause we were so high up:) Enjoy the ton of pics.

This was one of the high spots. No fear in my kids running up and down it.
My little spider monkey, she loved climbing the walls.
Oh no! Don't fall Brett!
There was tons of little caves.
This was the really high bridge, I stayed down. The kids were a little scared but had fun once they were up there.
Hi Mom!
Don't get eaten by the basilisk!!
She spent about % of her time in here.

As soon as we got there they took off, no fear.

Welcome to the Jungle..and some others

They were dressing up and they were super heros and super villians.
Welcome to the Jungle! The kids love the yard and plants and places to hide.

Jackson is in the secret clubhouse.

I curled Abagayle's hair for like the first time ever with hot rollers. She loved it! All day she kept saying"is my hair still curly?"
What a cute bunch!

We found her relaxing with a snack, in a basket. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I typed the intro then loaded pics, so you get intro at the end:)
It is so nice to have a neighborhood to take walks in.
Abagayle loves to play mom and push Lorelei.
Jackson got this razor from Joe and Katie like 3years ago. He usually just road it in the backyard. He had such a blast going around the block.
This is literally the view from our front door. It is not the NW but it is beautiful!
Taking a swim in the tub:)
I am not sure if our kids love us or Joe and Katie more. I think it is a toss up:)
Lorelei and John playing. Tim and Corinna are in Orem now. They came down for a couple days to play. Lorelei and john are 5 days apart. So fun to watch them play.
"Your Powers Are Weak old Man"
She gets them on then "let's" you eat them off.
For those who don't know we moved to Utah. We are about two hours north of Vegas for those whose don't know where St George is. It was hard choice for us to make we had always planned on Seattle. We came down to interview here and both knew this is where we needed to raise our kids. Since we were scared or nervous or whatever we were still choosing between Seattle and here. Here are some pics from our new place. We are very blessed to be able to rent here.

So long NW

These are some pics from last two weeks in the NW, including a trip home. They are in random order.

Her first full ponytail :)
Bookclub, don't get me started or I will cry! I miss it so much.
This is what Lorelei misses the most. She loves to sit in the drawer. Naughty baby:)
Brandon Aunt Clara and Uncle Terry. So sweet!
So tired after a day of playing at grandma bananas
Abagayle and Cora playing. Abagayle is such a multi-tasker. Eating and talking on the phone.
This is the first one of our kids that really likes grandpa as a baby.
Who doesn't love uncle James, we sure do.
I had a chance to go out to the cheesecake factory with two a great friend, Jennifer and Kristyn. We had a fun time catching up.
Brandon so happy on the drive.

While were home we got to spend the day with our friends Ryan and Jilene, we had such a fun day playing and going to the children's museum. We also got to go to my dad's for a bit and visit. I miss the NW and the family and friends we have there. I am ready to get started with the next phase in our life:)