Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Love Uncle James!!

Brandon brother James came into town on Sat night (valentines day). He took the train down from Kent. He called a bit ago and asked to come and visit, he had the whole next week off school, of course he could come!! So I got him a ticket and down he came! The kids were so excited for James to come down. Uncle James is such a good playmate for them and break for me. We spent the week hanging out, celebrating brandons birthday, going to the zoo and going to preschool. We were all so excited to have James with us for the week.

I think this is how most of his week was, a kid in his arms. Different kids at different times

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My cute kids!

I always thought it was a bit weird when people matched their kids clothes, I mean they are seperate people... However I have completely changed!!

Costco had girls dresses and Abagayle was at the very top of the sizes they carried and Lorelei was at the bottom so I thought we will give it a try and see if I/they like matching. Abagayle and Jackson cannot get over how cool it is that they have the same dresses. I LOVE it. They are so cute! Of course we got Jackson a new church outfit too. I think he has worn it each week since we got it :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day!

We had such a fun day! I made little cakes for the kids to wake up to and Brandon stopped by the Winco bulk candy section :) I got them a little coloring thing to have in the morning too. They were so excited when they saw the table, they came running up to tell up all the fun things that someone let downstairs for them.
We went to Costco and got Brandon his valentines/birthday gift- Ipodtouch and came home to have a relaxing day. Dad came home with roses for mom and a rose for each of his kids! What a man!
Plus we made tons of fun valentines cards and decorated cookies, thanks gracie for coming over and playing with us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The wolfman invaded our house!

Brandon has this mask and gloves, that look like a werewolf. The kids loved to be chased while Brandon wears it. Plus they love to "scare" mom and dad with it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What an awesome helper!

Jackson LOVES to feed Lorelei a bottle. He is so good to her. He asks if he can hold her all the time. It will last up to 10min, the holding, before he is done. Which is good for me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Roll Over, Roll Over!

Hooray! Lorelei rolled over today, from back to front. We heard her awake upstairs in her crib and when Brandon got up there she was on her tummy! We were so happy/proud of her. She did it again later on the floor downstairs. Abagayle and Jackson were so excited for her. They were encouraging her and telling her good job! What wonderful kids I have.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Laughing so hard

I was dying! The kids had her laughing so hard for like 20 min. She is really starting to like them playing with her.

It is her laughing the whole time!

Randon kids cuteness

I know it is not the best picture of her, but for several days she wore those boot until she went to bed. Left them at the foot of her bed, then put them back on first this in the morning. She is so funny!

Cheesecake Factory

We, the girls, went out to the cheesecake factory a couple weeks ago to celebrate three babies coming soon. Penny and Jessica are due this month and Summer is due next month. It was fun to go and visit and have some yummy cheesecake!

Aren't they cute (left to right: Summer, Jessica and Penny)

Home again, Home again

Last month I went home for a couple of days for my mom birthday. The timing worked out so that my best friend was up from Utah at the same time! I was so excited. We took the kids on Friday to the Family Fun Center to play in the tubes for bit and then went out to dinner/dessert with no kids, thanks mom, with Sonnet and Kristyn. I had such a nice time, miss you guys tons!
This is Sonnet's daughter Averie, she almost exactly a year older then Jackson. They have so much fun together. This is the only pic I got of their time together.

Then I cooked my mom an early birthday dinner of her choice and we had my aunt Chris and uncle Roy that night! They are so fun. She made these really fun desserts for the kids, gummy sushi. Then Sat morning we got up and went to Brandon's brother James's wrestling match. That was so fun! The kids thought it was a bit loud but enjoyed watch James. They made signs and had pom poms to cheer for him.
This is my Aunt Chris. She was totally loving Lorelei!
This is the gummy sushi
My mom and Abagayle trying them. Not the best picture of Abagayle.
James during the match. I know something is on the camera. I was not the best paparazzi this weekend. Here he is with his two best fans. A little tired right after the match.

Then on our way out of town that Sat night we stopped at my dad house and had dinner there. It was really good to see then and Scott and Lori and their kids. My kids had such a good time playing with the cousins/aunts and uncles. They keep asking when we can go back there are play. Thanks for leftovers dad for Brandon he really enjoyed them, that night.
(I didn't get any pics, dangit)
On the road home to Portland, surprisingly everyone slept! Hooray! So we were home by 10pm to wait for dad to get home from inventory at Costco.