Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Treasures That Await You at the OPC

I know that many of you are thinking "Man I would love to go to the OPC and be treated" Never fear now you have a friend there. Brandon is in the OPC at WSCC Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 730am-100pm and Thursdays from 100pm - 615pm.
Call 503-255-6771 for appointment
He is even equipped with a treasure box to help distract your little ones while you are being adjusted or to help entice them to hop up on the table and let Brandon look for the popcorn in their back.
We would really appreciate any support that you could give him during these last few quarters.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

I got up from my Sunday nap and saw this. How cute. They slept like that for an hour and a half.

Random Kid Pics

Happy baby!
This is a Halloween bucket that came open and Jackson thought it was so funny to use it as a mask
Of course Abagayle followed
Yummy toes!
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Randon kid pics... with some comments

Brandon was fixing something in the bathroom and found a spot for her
I was organizing clothes bins, thanks Marykaye and Mandy love ya! This is where I put her out of the mess

Abagayle had been skateboarding in the backyard and came in and laid down but did not want to take her helmet off, we even tried while she was sleeping.. she said no and grabbed at the helment

Here is our crazy girl pulling herself up on the printer box, thanks Sonnet and Cameron for hooking us up!

Abagayle has a side self next to her bed, under the shelf is blankets, the lower shelf has stuffed animals and the top shelf has books. She got rid of the middle shelf and was sleeping in her "hole", as we call it, on her blankets and stuffed animals.


We actually hung out at home this year which was really nice. Jackson and Abagayle woke up to a new church tie for Jackson and a beaded CTR bracelet for Abagayle. The got to sing a song in the sacrament program. Although I think my two just stood there and smiled :) Then we came home had dinner, easter egg hunt, easter egg dying and easter baskets. Fun times. I also got them indiv. cake to have for desseret. I kept the toppers to recreate the cake later. Here are some fun pics from the day :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pinning Ceremony

Brandon is officially in the OPC this quarter. He is an intern and treating the general public. I am so proud of him. In our rush I forgot our camera, dang it! It was nice ceremony. Brandon attending DC pinned him, Dr Schram. This is the doctor that Brandon really wanted, we prayed quite a bit for it and are so thankful for getting him. What a blessing to us. The class representative speaker was hilarious. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. It was really nice to watch all of the students get recognized and to see all their families there supporting them.

Penny was super sweet and took a couple pics of Brandon for me. He had another classmates husband takes some pics too, when I get those I will add them.


Congrats Brandon on passing part II and III boards!!! He did such a great job! I know this time around he had a lot on his plate, three kids and me :) Not that I am ever a handfull for him to handle or anything ;) I am so proud of him and the hard work he does for our family.
One more set of boards to go!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movin Around

So Lorelei is pretty darn close to crawling around. She does backwards like crazy all over the living room, then screams when she backs herself into a corner :) She is now moving forward, slowly but surely, look out.
Another bonus, I went into their bedroom to get her out of her crib the other day and she had pulled herself up on the crib rail. Mind you the crib is still on the top setting, dangerous. So Brandon gets to lower the crib this weekend. :0 ) She has been grabbing anything and trying to pull herself up, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much.

We had a great day today weather wise, so we went swimming in the pool, for the first time this season. The kids had a blast, Lorelei watched from the grass. Most of the neighborhood kids were out playing too, fun! I didn't get any pics, I will have to see if my neighbor got some and post them later. I will post some random pics later too.
Right now I am off to pick up my baby :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A lot of Blogging

So I was a bit behind on blogging then we take our computer into the shop, well it was there for two weeks! I was naturally way behind at that point, so here is some of the last month. Enjoy

What are these?

Brandon was digging one of chess sets out of a box for him and the kids to play with. He brought out a box and put it on the bed and started to dig in it, I hear Abagayle says "What are these?" Those are cassette tapes Abagayle. WOW are we old. :)
As a side note we found a mixed tape I made for Brandon when we were dating. Can you corny??

Lorelei or Abagayle

Obviously they are a little different but they look so similar to me. They are both 6 months in these pictures.



Big Girl Bath!

Lorelei had her first big girl bath with Abagayle today. She loved being able to splash around!

Childrens Museum

We also got to go to the Childrens Museum!!

Lorlei Six Months Old

She is getting so big. She had a dr appt the day before she was six months: she weighed 21 lbs 6oz and was 28 and 1/2 inches tall, yikes!! She is huge. She has just about out grown all her 6-12 months clothes, she wears either 12 months or 12 -18 months :)
She rolls all over the house, she started to scoot backwards, she gets up on her hands and knees and bounces I am sure crawling is soon :0 ) She sits up great! Plus today, she pushed herself up from laying on her tummy to the sitting position. She is amazing! She loves to babbles and spit/raspberries. Lorelei loves it when Jackson and Abagayle play with her. Abgayle had her laughing so hard the other day that she had horrible hiccups but still couldn't stop laughing. She has been eating fruits and veggies for a bit. Over the last month we have given her little veggie puffs, biter biscuits, some of my homemade blueberry wheat muffins (more to come on that), cantaloupe (which she loved) and lots of other things. She loves water! We are so blessed to have her in our lives. Sometimes I forget that at the 2am feedings :)
Loved the Popsicle!
She had been eating watermelon for about 15 min she was done, but loved it!

The Garden

A lot of pictures documenting the process are on here. The first week of break Brandon decided he wanted a garden. So he got some seed and a mini green house thing and the kids planted: corn, lettuce, radishes, basil, sunflowers, summer squash, carrots, zucchini and pumpkins. The seeds had to grow for what Brandon thought would be a couple weeks in the house then be planted. Well the next day there were sprouts by Wednesday they were ready to be outside. Brandon cleared the side of our backyard and put up a wood border to keep the dirt in and the kids out :) The we put about 10 bags of topsoil on and some peat moss in it. The sprouts had to be "hardened", which is basically putting them outside during the day and bringing them it at night for a week, then you can plant them. During this week we found out that the soil was about 3.00 cheaper a bag at WalMart so Brandon thought he needed another 10 bags since it was such a good price :) So today, Sunday the 5th, the kids and Brandon spread the dirt and planted the sprouts in the garden area. We shall see how it grows :)
There it is all planted!

Brandon also has a compost bin coming to put at the end of the garden, from my mom as a birthday gift. He is excited.