Friday, January 23, 2009

4 month check up and 5 year old shots

So Lorelei and Jackson had a check up yesterday. He got 3 shots! He did pretty well actually. He just screamed on the last shot. Then she gave him a warming pack and it made it all better.
He got to pick three things out of the bucket, since he had three shots. Abagayle got to pick one since she was a good helper. The eached picked a balloon. Then Jackson found coupons for Red Robin kids meals. He was so excited, so he picked two of those. Saturday night we are heading out to have Red Robin. They can't wait.
Lorelei did good too, she didn't even cry on the first two shots, just the last one. The nurse said it stings. Poor baby! I thoguth she was getting close to 20 pounds now. I was close. She was 18 lbs 6 oz and she was 26 1/2 inches long! I was

I will get the camera out later and do so more blogging. I just haven't been in the mood.

He is so brave!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chatting away

Brandon caught a quick video of Lorelei chatting it up with him. At the end she is chewing/playing with a pooh bear toy, she loves it. thanks aunt kelly, em and amanda.

Sorry it is dark.

16 weeks.

So i will probably just post monthly getting big pics of her now.
Yes she does have other jammies, she just likes these best. Here are some pics from the week too.

she loves her saucer! we tried it this week for the first time.

15 weeks - was 01-04-09, a little late

She is so much fun! She loves talking to Jackson and Abagayle. She got a hold of Abagayle hair the other, I couldn't help but laugh as Lorelei pulled her hair. Paybacks, thanks Lorelei!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

We had a relaxing day today. Brandon returned the carpet cleaner and brought back doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. The kids were thrilled! We cleaned up a little up and were hanging out. Later one of Brandon's friends from work came over to play a little super Nintendo (you know you want to play it too). It was pretty fun. Jackson was able to play him, Jackson thought it was awesome. Now when Brandon's brothers come down they used to have Street Fighter tournaments. So being the nerds they are, they looked up moves on the internet. Now we don't play the Nintendo that much, unless someone comes over. I thought that Brandon and his brothers were good, but Nick was good**. He is now the reigning champ of Street Fighter in the Perkes house, according to his facebook.... Brandon is practicing for a rematch soon.
**According to Nick he played with his friend growing up, who completed in Street Fighter tournaments, real ones!
Brandon wanted that to be known :) LOL

PS the guy in the picture, Blanka, that is lit up is Jacksons favorite guy!