Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had Christmas morning with grandma, uncle brandon aunt kelly and letitia. grandma scored with pillow pets fore everyone. they love them. Aunt kelly got Jackson a paper jamz guitar, hooray, so noisy :) He loves it.

Letitia was so tired too early for her

Before the riot started :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brandon's Job

For the past few months Brandon has been interviewin places and nothing had been the right fit either for the doctor or for us. Then we found Rebound and Dr Blackburn. After a month or so of talking and meeting Brandon signed a contract. He is a working doctor. I am so proud of him. the practice is great place for him to be. Dr Blackburn is just as vested in helping Brandon grow a patient base as we are. We couldn't ask for anything else.

Brandon is still working at Costco PT in the early morning stocking, hopefully in a year he can quit :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kids Winter Program

Jackson and Abagayle dressed up as snow men for a little school show. they sang 3 fantastic songs!

Jackson is on the left 2nd or 3rd in from the left

Abagayle is 4th in from the left

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November Snow!

We got a dump of snow just before Thanksgiving it was crazy! The kids loved it of course. The snow stuck around for a few days, the Perkes got to come over and play in it with us.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Disney on Ice

Grandma got tickets for Jackson, Abagayle, her and I to go see Disney on Ice in Kent. We had so much fun. Sometimes i think I liked it more then the kids did :) We loved it!

It is Ariel, my favorite!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party at Church and Trick or treating

We went to our ward party with grandma banana and did some trunk or treating after dinner and games. then on Sunday they went to a couple houses in my mom's neighborhood. Thanks to Sonnet for the awesome monkey and Snow White costumes. Lorelei loved her monkey outfit and wore it for at least a week straight.

The evil witch tempting snow white.

Indiana Jones, a monkey and Snow White

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and carving

we went to Orting for pumpkin fun. they had animals, duck racing, horse rides, pumpkin sling shots, face painting and of course tons of pumpkins. It was a day of fun with all the Perkes, Uncle Brandon and Kelly and of course grandma banana.

What is pumpkin carving without pumpkin roll, Halloween punch and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Yes that is Grandma banana above and James below sticking through a pumpkin :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lorelei's Birthday and a Party for her Brett and Zeke

For Lorelei actual birthday we went to Cold Stone, she got her free birthday ice cream and I got cupcake for everyone else there. It was fun to do a little something on her actual bday. Then we had a party to celebrate Zeke (9/20) Lorelei (9/21) and Brett (9/22) later that weekend.

Brett wanted this gas mask from the army navy surplus store, so I got it for him. Handsome huh, he is single ladies.

Not sure how well you can see there is binder in James lap. Karen filled it with crayons, markers, scissors and other awesome art stuff. Plus, wait for it.............. Dora and Diego coloring books. She was screaming Dora, I think it was a hit.

Yummy cold stone

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reno Stop

We got to Reno and spent a couple days with grandma stevenson. Karen was already visiting, the last leg of her summer vacation :) We got see some of the extended family at a dinner while we were there too. She is one of the funniest ladies I have ever met, seriously.
Lorelei loved to pose for the picture, can you tell.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joe's Birthday

Our last day in St George was Joe's birthday. We got party it up with them before we headed out. of course we got him awesome Perkes style gifts.Justin Beiber poster spider sucker and other cool items that we know he loved. We love you Joe and Katie!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Cause it is cute

These are just a few cute pictures I liked.

Brandon and I went out with Joe and Katie for dinner and movie. Jessica said this is how Lorelei would go to bed, if Abagayle was holding her.

Lorelei loves Sierra

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brandon's work how we got to Seattle again

While we have been living in St George, since March, Brandon has been working so hard on trying to find a place to practice. Thankfully Costco transferred him. He met with a physical therapy company about sharing space in their office the two days it was closed, he met with VP who was on board. Then the top dog said no, he didn't want a chiropractor working there. Over the next 6 months Brandon met with or talked to every chiropractor in St George at least once. Only one guy as even willing to share space, he seemed to have shady business practices, so we passed. The chiropractic world was very weird among the chiropractors down there, very territorial maybe cause there is not much territory. Anyways in July I saw a guy in Seattle was hiring, I typed up an email and met to save it as a draft but accidentally sent it. Long story short he called the end of August and wanted to know how quickly we could be in Seattle. After talking and praying we decided we had exhausted all of our efforts in UT and needed to start working as a chiropractor. We actually felt very peaceful about our choice, not sure why were supposed to move to UT but I know that was the right choice also. We decided we were going to move even if this guy didn't end up hiring Brandon there was more opportunities up here. So we packed up and left 5 days later. We were all sad, I am crying now typing this. The kids were excited to be by family but sad to leave their friends and Joe and Katie. I will always be grateful for our time there and the generosity and love all the Guisingers gave us while we were there. But we had to move on. the timing actually worked out well because Brett was moving home that weekend and Jessica was driving with him, so we had help packing and driving. We drove up to Reno and stayed a few days then finished onto Kent. Thankfully my mom said we could move into the basement until Brandon got a contract here. 1. we couldn't afford to move into a new place right away and 2. i was worried about him working in Seattle and we live Kent or someplace else with a long commute. Off to WA we go

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

While most of Brandon's family was down we decided to take the 3 hour drive to the N Rim of the Grand Canyon. It took a little longer then 3 hours but worth it. Of course the canyon was so cool and amazing. They have a small resort style place right on the canyon. there were picture in the main lodge from when it first open and throughout the years. It was so neat. There were cabins right on the canyon you could stay in, there was little hikes and grass areas to play in. Here are a few shots from the day.
Lorelei and John they are 5 days(?) apart
It was so amazing to sit in the chairs down there and just look out over the canyons.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

cabin time

Tim and Corinna drove down St George and mom and James took a shuttle down from SLC for mini reunion. While they were down there, the Guisingers kindly offered up their cabin for a few days. It was so fun of course, the only missing was Joe and Katie :) The kids, uncles, aunts and even grandma rode 4 wheelers, played games and stayed up way too late. While we were up there we of course had to ride the hourses. Jackson and Abagayle went out for a 10 - 15 min led ride in the woods. They were in heaven.

Lorelei loved to ride with James!

James and Jessica getting ready for some muddy fun.
Jackson and dad pullin out the fun

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, we had such a good time.