Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twilight Trailer # 2

Check out the new trailer for twilight! I am so excited 12-12-08! You have to wait for the quick advs. to be over then the preview come :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are updated here at the Perkes blog. I added 7 posts. I think it even went to the next page. Take a look, I hope those who have been bugging me, Sonnet, are happy ;) Thanks I needed the motivation.

Jam Extravaganza

Last year I made jam with mom and it lasted us a year. Which is great considering we go through 3 - 6 PB&J sandwiches a day, 3 are for Brandon at school. So I ordered some berries from a rotary club through church. They come cleaned sliced and ready to make into jam. Brandon's favorite is apricot jam, so I bought 20 lbs of apricots also from a local farmers barn. This year Brandon's sister wanted to make it with me. So we had a jam day on sat. luckily Brandon was home until 145pm that day. So we got a lot done before he left.

We started with 30lbs of strawberries, 15lbs of marionberries and 20lbs of apriots. We started at about 930 in the morning and finshed about 530 that night. Needless to say we had pizza for dinner.

Abagayle helped to pit and clean the apricots then she was done. She went to kick back in the living room. Brandon and Jackson were playing Donkey Kong, not so interested in the jam making.

We finished with 80 pints, 10 quarts and 2 half pints of jam!! We are set!

The doughnut Monster

Brandon had brought home some doughnuts on Friday morning after running to school for a bit. Later that day he and I were both resting on the couch, okay napping. Abagayle asks me quite nicely if she can have a doughnut. I tell her yes but just one. Normally she listens takes her one and is quite happy. I while later I stand up and see her standing and the doughnut box her face covered in chocolate.
She had eaten the chocolate tops off all of them! Normally I would laugh and that would be the end of it. I do not know if it was hormones or what but I was so mad. Brandon had to help me put it in perspective. Mom had to have time out upstairs for a bit. It is really funny now, and usually would have been in the moment too, apparently I was having a day. She crashed later from her sugar high and took a nap on dad.

Abagayle's Shower

The other Brandon was looking for Abagayle when he opened the closet to find her like this.

She says: Dad I am in the shower leave me alone!

Notice the "towel" on her head and "towel" modestly covering her. Brandon showed me the pictures and I could not stop laughing . She is so funny. Sidenote - she HATES the real shower and only will take a bath.

Zoo Time

We took a little trip to the zoo with Marykaye, kaylee and mckenna a couple of weeks ago. We did not realize just how hot or busy it was going to be that day. Holy Cow!! It was so hot and really busy. We stay as long as we would have liked to, I was having some contractions. So we left after about two hours. The kids had a good time of course.

Looking a little tired and not focused.

Abagayle and her ice.

Abagayle loves ice. We don't ever have any at home, I just never seem to use it. However when we are out to eat she loves to eat the ice out of her cup and everyone else's. While we were cleaning up on the 5th at my mom's it started to rain. So we were quickly dumping out coolers from the day before and cleaning up the yard. When we look down to see our dear sweet Abagayle peacefully enjoying her ice in the rain.

Abagayle Birthday Party

We did a small birthday celebration here the weekend after her birthday. She woke up to streamers and balloons and a yummy breakfast. Then we went to the Spagetti Factory for dinner, her choice. After dinner they brought out the Dora cake I brought with us and we opened presents. Of course I forgot the camera that day so use you imagination of a spagetti and chocolate covered Abagayle opening her presents. My mom was down for it too, she was here a couple days before brandon's surgery to hang out with us.

Then when we went home for the 4th, we celebrated a lot of things on the 5th. We celebrated Abagayle's, mine, brandon brother Derrick's and his mom's birthday. We also did a fathers day celebration for his dad. I did get a few snapshots of that day!

Her two favorite presents of the day. Here pink jelly shoes from aunt jessica and her blue ball from uncle james. Since then she has added in the handmade barbie bed from uncle tim. I will have to get a picture of that up soon.

4th of July

Here are some pictures from our fun day with family on the fourth. We headed up to my mom's house and spent the day playing, eating and hanging out with friends and family. The weather was not bad but definately a little cool for swimming. Of course that did not stop my kids who had been waiting, and waiting to go in the lake. So their uncle james was nice enough to take them in the lake that day. I didn't get any pictures of the fireworks show over the lake, but it was beautiful as always.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So the always fantastic Heather Ward took the kids pictures today. She also did a princess session with Abagayle last Thurs. If you click her blog link to left you can see the kids pics there and then scroll down and you can see Abagayle's princess session. When I get the disc I post more pics here of course. :)
Thanks Heather!