Sunday, May 31, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Jackson is all done with preschool. My baby is so big now. He will be in Kindergarten next year! He had a little ceremony at school. They sang itsy bitsy spider and Twinkle Twinkle for us. Each kid got an award, he got best attitude award!
His best friend Tanner
Getting his diploma

Getting his best attitude sash, he was embarrassed to go up front.

Let me OUT & soooo tired

Soooo tired baby
Let me out!

She trys her best to escape

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday while we were eating dinner, Brandon found Lorelei's first tooth!! A little sharp dagger on the bottom. After 4 months of teething something finally happened. She has been so miserable lately. Yesterday she just wanted me to hold her and she would lay her head down on my shoulder, very uncommon. Now I know why. Once it comes in more I will post some pics.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Too Soon Abagayle

My dear sweet daughter, Abagayle, has been asking for about the last two months "When is my baby brother Andrew coming to live with us?" What the heck!!! We had told the kids with with the last pregnancy that the baby would be named Andrew if it was a boy and Lorelei if it was a girl. She now seems to think that the boy will be along any day. I thought she would lose interest after me telling her, several times, that it is going to be a while before we have another one, if at all. Not my dear sweet daughter, she just keeps on asking, about once a week.

Eight Months Already

I cannot believe she is 8 months now! It is going by so fast with her. She is everywhere, she learned how to conquers steps/stairs now. My kitchen is no longer safe from her. We found her up one of the stairs the other day, yikes! Our friends let us borrow a gate, thanks Bethany, so hopefully I remember to put it up :) She loves food and WATER! I think she would drink it all day if she could. She likes to spit lots and shake her no, she thinks it is soooo not so much. She says dada all the time, sometimes in babble and sometimes really for him. This kid goes crazy when dad gets home! She is such a daddy's girl. She like to try and play with Jackson and Abagayle, sometimes they don't mind :) She is about 22 pounds now, wearing 12 -18 month or 18 month clothes, what a tank. What else can we say we LOVE her, I think we will keep her.

Rock N Roll

The kids had dress like a rock star day at school. We sprayed their hair blue and pink. Abagayle saw the girl on the pink can had lots of pony tails so that is what she wanted. They wore Dad's tour tshirts (Metallica and Kiss). They had a great day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day Breakfast

Jackson and Abagayle made breakfast for me all by themselves. Water, English Muffins and yogurt. So sweet. I love their morning look.


I think we took about 10 30 sec videos that night, she could not stop laughing at/with Dad.

She is mobile

So she crawls just about everywhere now, well for the last week or so.

Lorelei also pulls herself on anything she can. I am sure she will be taking off soon.
Other important events, she shared an ice cream with dad and her first taste of meat. She loved both! Still no teeth!! Teething like crazy still, good thing we love her
Brandon sprained his ankle, it is pretty bad. He has been getting treated at the clinic for it. He is also out of work until at June 5th. It is nice to have him home, however he is can't really do much ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


At the basketball game tonight Brandon stepped on someone guys foot and rolled his ankle. Super sucks! On the way home I stopped to by some ice, when we got home and I made Brandon a bucket of ice and cold water to soak his foot in. All of the sudden we have two little kids whose ankles hurt and are limping around. :( Poor little things, they needed to put their foot in the bucket too. As soon as their foot hit the water..... it was a mircle they were cured, their ankle felt all better and they didn't need to soak it anymore. Abagayle's wrist did hurt, she tried a couple tests with her hand to see if was less cold on your hand. Nope ... and her wrist felt better too.
Thanks Eric for coming over and wrapping it up, we appricate it!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So excited!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Heather Ward is back! We have our pics at the we took family pics a year and a half ago, but it was Nov then and now it is spring so it should be really pretty. However Mon. is a 60% of rain., CRAP!!! Hopefully there will be no rain!