Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun Stuff!

This is one of my favorite memories of each of the kids. Brandon was feeding her chicken and sweet potatoes. I love the half smile in the one below.
This was her first OREO. Dad got to wash her.
So Dirty!
Happy Birthday to Devin. The kids were so excited to bake Devin a cake, their idea. Then they made him cards to. They love Devin.
She discovered the cup drawer, my kitchen floor hasn't been the same since.
She is so proud of herself!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Heather Ward Photo Session

Here is the latest photo session with Heather Ward. It was rainy that day :( She still got some good shots.

This is totally the tired Abagayle look

Friday, June 5, 2009

Talent Show Night

Her first snow cone
Sad Clown
Funny clowns

My muscle man and funny girl
You will want to mute my music on the side for the vidoes

Back stage he said "Mom I am getting a little stage frightening" So Cute!
We missed the first part which was his talent the "slidin' on the knees" move. He ran in from the side and landed on his blanket on his knees and slid across the stage. Then he stood up and danced with a guitar. He loved it. The crowd was lovin the "Old Time Rock n Roll" too.
Abagayle wanted to do a "ballerina" dance. We put on some Kenny G and she danced. She was a little scared at first but soon warmed up.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


If you have seen High School Musical the you know Sharpay. Meet our very own Sharpay Evans. She is too fabulous (she can sing the whole "fabulous"song from HSM2).
Heaven help us all.
*I added Fabulos to the playlist, the second is Jackson's favorite, he calls it his mad dance. It is so cute to watch him dance around to the song.*

Garden of Plenty

These are in reverse order :) Here are some yummy radishes from our garden

Jackson showing off his find
Working hard

Splash Park Fun!

This is so sweet, Reese was reading to Lorelei and then feeding her puffs.
Gracie and Abagayle playing
Lorelei loved to sit and splash
Too much Fun!
This little turkey was getting mouths fulls of water and spitting them at me, I was soaked!