Monday, August 24, 2009


We had a couple fun trips this months. I went with my mom and the kids to the ocean for a reunion with her dad and siblings. Then the whole family went to Reno and Tahoe for a week for a Perkes reunion. I will update with pics and stories later. :) So much fun!

Soccer Mom!

Before we had kids, we decided I would stay home with the kids. One of things I was most excited about was to be a "soccer mom". I wanted to drive the mini van. I know some people think it lame, but I love it. I wanted to have a practices and games to go to for them. I wanted to volunteer in the class room cutting out calendar pieces. To join the PTA or PTSA will be exciting.

Part of that is starting for us.
Jackson had his first soccer practice tonight. This is his first organized team sport. (tear) :) He was soooo nervous, for the last two days. Will the kids like me? Will my coach be nice? He was also so excited, constant "what time is my practice?" for two or three days. He had so much fun!

I am also the team mom now. Not much to it, snack schedule, end of the year party and fundraising. (be ready to buy some cookie dough soon! :) I am actually excited to do it.
I of course forgot the camera. I will not forget next Monday for practice, be ready for picture overload.

In a couple week he will start kindergarten, it is so crazy he is almost 6, in Jan. He is such a little boy, maybe not little.

11 months!

It is really hard to believe that it was a year ago when I was huge and pregnant with her. Crazy! Time is really flying by, maybe because I have three now.
Our dear sweet Lorelei. She is really learning how to object to things she does not want or like :) She has 7 teeth now and I think two more are about to break through. I had her down to 2 or 3 bottles a day, I like to stop the bottle or nursing at 12 months. She is late teether for me, all she wants lately is bottles, she does not want to chew anything!
Here is her after a sad time. Still so cute

So happy to come and see me!
We have a full on walker now. She mostly walks everywhere. She crawls once and while but she prefers to walk. The Jackson and Abagayle get so excited when she walk to them. They love to hold her hand, if she lets them. She only likes to one hand not two, if at all.
Here is a video of her walking you have to tilt your head though. :)

We started to put a barrette in her hair now. She looks like a little girl now, not a baby :( I wish I would have had the sound on. It the end she is growling at the camera, she growls a lot, so cute!