Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something that will have a huge impact.....

I know a lot of you check the Knuz blog, but I know that some may not check it that often if at all. Sorry if this repetitive but I feel that if a few people see it twice and for a few reading the first time it is worth it.
Here is the link:

So help out, pay your $5.00 and take a half hour and go in.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Months

This is crazy to think that in 2 months she will be 1! Well in the last month she has started so many new things... She stands herself up without holding on to anything. She squats and stands and squats and stands... good exercise. She took her first steps (see previous post). She loves all food :) She wants whatever you are eating, I haven't fed her babyfood in about a week or two now. She loves grandma banana now, she would cry is she saw her. Now I think she likes her more sometimes, which is fine with me. She has warmed up to James and loves Brett.. I like cause he looks like Brandon especially with the glasses.
When she gets up from her naps or in the middle of the night she doesn't really cry anymore. She stands up opens the door and yells Poiahh at us till we come, it is so cute. She definitely knows what she wants and does not want. I don't think we have had one yet that has thrown little fits like she does, we just laugh, it is cute. She has her two bottom teeth this month she cut her top two I teeth. So she has fangs :) They are not all the way down yet but when they are I will get a pic of the fangs. Brandon hisses at her and she finds it sooo funny.
She says Dada of course still and upah for up. She said mom mom mom once but I don't think she meant me.
She shakes her head no at you when she is done with something or doesn't want it, so cute and she thinks it is funny. She loves to splash in the toilet anytime the door gets left open...yuck. Her "punishment" is to wash her off in the sink. So it is a win/win for her, stinker. The stairs are her favorite! If we forget to block them she is up them so fast and down the hall to their bedroom. she did learn this month how to turn around and go down them, so that is good.
She still doesn't sleep through the night, the good nights she is up once or twice...don't ask about the other nights.

All and all I think we will keep her. :)

She is walking!

So Saturday Lorelei just deceided to walk :) She was standing next to me and deceided to walk to the Elmo..three steps and she was there. Holy Cow!! So fun. She has only done it a hanful of times since then but WOW! Soon there will be no stopping her. We are trying to video it, we had Jackson get some video Sunday not the best, I will try and video it tonight.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Break

This was our trip to Utah. I had never been to Utah before this, so it was an experience :)
The pictures are in totally backwards order, so you get to view our vacation for back to front :)

We got to stay up at our friends parent's cabin in Duck Creek, outside of Cedar City, UT. The kids had a blast. They called to warn us that it might be cooler like 75 or so :)
Joe and Lorelei, she really took a liking to him. She doesn't like boys for the most part.

The kids got to go on the first rides on 4 wheelers, they are in love. It was so cute, they both fell asleep during the ride with Dad.
Ready to go and so excited!
James, lookin' super stylish
These are our friends Joe and Katie, we love them soooo much!!
It was so great to them, we had more fun then I think we have had in a long time. Staying up late playing games and laughing and just hanging out.
This is Jackson and Brandon ready for their ride!
Jackson in his super cute helmet. Don't let the jeans and sweatshirt we have on fool you, it was still warm, to us at least.
This was at the pool at the condo we were so blessed to be able to stay at. Lorelei took a little snooze in boat.
Here is part of the pool that was right outside the back door. We can't thank the Guisingers enough for letting us stay there during our vacation.
She loved to be thrown up and then to splash down.
Abagayle thought she was Queen of Nile and just wanted to be pushed around on her lizard all day.
This picture was taken about 1230am. Joe left his XBox at the condo for all to enjoy. James and Brandon decided to stay up late one night and play. Brandon said they were playing Halo and he would notice James's gun point of the screen, he would say something to him James would say
"I am not a asleep" Clearly this was not the case. Brandon said he stopped responding to his questions after a bit. Asleep controller still in hand.
Our sweet baby taking a swimming break at Mike and Bunni's pool. (Joe's parents)
More swim fun at their pool.
This was in SLC across from them temple. I think the only smiling picture we got. It was hot and humid. We were all tired. But I really wanted to see the temple.
Every time there was a patch of flowers, and there are a lot, Abagayle would sit down and say "take my picture here too"
This is the best shot I got of the temple. It was really hard to get a shot without all the skyscrapers around.
We were able to say Brandon's grandma and grandpa on his dad's side. This is Brandon and Grandpa. It was so great to see them. We hadn't seen them since our wedding, about 9 years ago.
While we were there we spent the afternoon and evening one day with Brandon's Uncle Craig and Aunt Leann and 5 amazing kids. This is his dad's brother. The cute little blond in the front is Abagail, she is about 9 months older then our Abagayle. The two older girls loved Lorelei, it was so cute! They carried her around all day. While were at their house, the kids played, we baked cookies, had a great visit, the kids had a water fight and then had a yummy dinner before heading over to his grandparents house. I wish we lived closer to them, they are such and amazing family.
This was at Craig and Leann's house. I guess there are pictures of Brandon's brothers and sisters in these same glasses at their house, just before the go on their mission. James and Brandon wanted to share in the fun.
While we were SLC we stayed with best friend Sonnet for a couple of days. We were having too much fun because I didn't get any pictures of us or the kids playing. Our kids do so great together. They had so much fun playing outside and in her awesome playroom. Plus I got to meet her newest addition Sydney, she was only 2 months and so tiny and sweet. It was so great to see them but then it reminds me of how sad it is to be away. Except, you know we talk on the phone at least once a day :)
When we started our trip James was in the seat next to Lorelei, however when she woke up and saw him she was not happy. So they switched while I was driving. This was Brandon's view all the way to SLC. I got car sick after about 2 hours back there, so I had drive. She did like James after a couple of days though, which was great.
Classic kids passed out picture
Hanging at a reststop outside of Boise.Wrestling in our jammies. This was the first stop we had to make. We left at 5am so the kids slept until 8 or 830 which was awesome!
Happy baby to be outside of her carseat. Our trip was so amazing, we got to see friends and family and be together as a family. We took James with us which was so great for us and for him. He was such a great help with kids and my sanity in the car.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lorelei at 9 months

At the 9 month mark we were Utah, so I am blogging a little late. She was still saying Dada and upah. For Dad and up. She walks along the furniture and still crawls everywhere. She started to stand her own about that time. She eats anything and everything. She is starting to dislike baby food, which is nice for the grocery budget :) I haven't taken her to the dr for her 9 month check up yet, probably next week, which will be about her 10 month mark. She is about 25 pounds though. Such a doll. She still doesn't sleep super great, we will get there slowly but surely :)

Abagayle's 4th birthday

Abagayle had her 4th birthday party on 6-12-09, the day before her actually birthday. We had a BBQ and played at the Blue Lake Park. The kids had so much fun! I didn't take any pictures that day. Thanks Emali for taking the pics. Abagayle created her own guest list for the first time. She was sure to invite Devin, I think she has a slight crush. So cute.
We miss you Youngs, more then you know.
Her Ariel cake dad made
The kids loving the pinata
Abagayle and Jayden H, her boy who is a friend from preschool. She talked about Jayden H everyday after school.

The day was pretty much awesome. I think everyone had a great time. Thank you so much to everyone that came.