Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch Boxes

Brandon told me to blog this so I would have it for memories :)

On Tuesday the kids had a field trip to the pumpkin with preschool. They needed to bring a lunch with them since they were going to be gone from 9-130. Earlier this summer I bought them a lunch box at Wal-Mart, mostly for the park because they do not take lunches to preschool regularly. So Tuesday morning I was packing their lunches in their boxes and stacked them up on the counter. I went and did something else, then when I walked back in the kitchen I saw two little lunches boxes stacked up. I started to cry, I am again writing this. I had a flash that in two years they will both be in school, kindergarden and 1st grade and I will have lunch boxes stacked up. They are still babies to me. I don't want them to go to a big school with big kids, who aren't nice sometimes, they are still my babies. I won't be there to help them or protect them. I know that is what growing up, for them and me, is all about. I suppose it just hits ya sometime. I guess it helped me to remember that even though it is CRAZY now with three, to still try and cherish this time they are home most of time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lorelei at 5 Weeks

Here is our big girl. I swear she has gained a ton of weight, I love the chuby baby cheeks :)

Leaves of Joy

So our backyard is a lovely golden color right now. I love the changing leaves, I just don't like to clean them up :) The kids love to rake a pile of leaves up and then roll, jump or lay in them. Sunday Brandon went out there with the kids to play.

The camera was acting up so we got her talking in every picture :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

So traditionally when we carve our pumpkins me make Halloween punch and pumpkin roll however I did not plan ahead so we didn't have that today when we carved our pumpkins, we will make it on Halloween instead. The kids were so excited to carve their pumpkins, so was Dad he is still working on his. They had a blast!
Abagayle has a kitty pumpkin
Jackson has a scary pumpkin
Lorelei has a mom carved pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch Trip

So we headed out to Sauve Island for a pumpkin patch trip. Brandon requested to be off at 3pm on Sat so we could go. We asked the kids if they wanted to got to the same one we went to the last two years or try a new one. Shock to me they wanted to try the new one. It was really fun. It hadn't rained all week, so it was nice and dry, not muddy :) The kids did have a cold so we bundled them up good and popped Lorelei in the suggley ( i do not know how to spell that).
They climed up the hay pyrimd then rolled down it, at dad's urging :)

The kids got to play on the bounce toys for quite a while which was really fun for them.
Then we headed over to the pumpkin slingshot. The kids loved it. Dad helped them pull the loaded slingshot back and then let it fly toward a huge wood cut out of a pumpkin. If you hit the pumpkin you got a free small pumpkin from the patch. Brandon was able to hit it twice, out of five time, which was pretty good! It was nice because each of the kids "got to hit" the pumpkin and get a ticket.
Then we headed over to the tractor/hay ride to go out to the pumpkin patch. I grabbed a wagon and walked out there with Lorelei, while Brandon rode the tractor with them.
After finding the perfect pumpkin and everyone having a turn pulling the wagon, we headed over for some corn on the cob. That is the kids favorite part, buying some cooked corn on the cob and going to town.
The kids were pretty much toast at this point so Dad pulled them and the pumpkins to the car in the wagon.

We got to the van and took off our shoes, because oh yeah my kids found the one muddy place on the entire farm :) We snuggled them in with some blankets from the emergency kit and gave them some hot cocoa. They were pooped.

Monday, October 20, 2008

4 Weeks Old, YIKES!

WOW, I cannot believe that Sunday Lorelei was 4 weeks old. Yikes! She is getting so big now. I can get her to smile really big back at me, that is when she is in a good mood. She is a really good baby most of the time. I have been blessed with calm and for the most part happy babies. I can't believe how big Jackson and Abagayle are now, especially when I hold them after Lorelei. The other day I ordered some clothes for the kids online. When I got them the pants were Abagayles size, a girls size 5, however they looked huge. However today when I put them on her they fit perfect. I was floored! She still seems like my baby. Jackson is becoming so articulate and mature, for a 4 year old. He is such a big help and I swear he grows each day :) I am so lucky to have such a great family.

Sorry if this got a little much for some people. I just want my kids to look back on this someday I know how much I have enjoyed watching them grow up, even if I don't act like it sometimes. :)

Here is Lorelei on Sunday, 4 weeks

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We got mail

Yesterday there was a knock at the door and there was a huge box being delivered. The box was from our friends in Utah. When I open the box there is a guitar in the box for Jackson and Dr Barbie with babies for Abagayle. They were so excited. Witht he baby getting packages in the mail quite a bit (thank you everyone) they were feeling a little left out. When we opened his guitar box there was a strap for it. That was his favorite part it was "like a real rock and roller". Our friend said he had read the post about Jackosn loving rock and roll and when he saw the guitar he had to get it for him. He is such a happy boy. Abagayle has been playing with "her babies, not mine" pretty much constantly. I took a couple videos of them. We love you uncle joe and aunt katie.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Potty trained girl!!

So last Wednesday we started to potty train Abagayle. Mostly because preschool is starting on the 20th and she has to be potty trained before she can go. We have tried to potty train her three or four times before. She really resisted each time and did not do well so after a day or so we stopped. I got a lot of unsolicited advice about how she was almost three or was three years old and should be potty trained. Brandon and I firmly believe in not pushing it, when they are ready they will let you know. I am so glad we didn't push it. This has been so easy. The first day she got a tiny bit wet and ran to the bathroom to go, after that we have only had two accidents in a week. Plus the most exciting part she stays dry through the night too!!! She is really excited to go to school. We had orientation on Tues so they got to play while we talked to the teachers, she was so sad to leave. Which is a good thing. I am so proud of her. Jackson has been such a big help. He would sit with her in the bathroom the first few days. He asks her if she needs to go to the bathroom, so she can go to school with him. He is growing up so fast. He is such a helper lately.
Bonus for us we only had two in diapers for two weeks, as opposed to two years of two in diapers before :)
She got a my little pony RC scooter from target as her reward, we are going throught the AA batteries now ;) I let Jackson get a toy too, for helping her stay dry.

kids updates

So life around here is getting back to "normal" slowly but surely. Here are a few shots from the past week :)

Helping so much holding her
mom favorite time-sleep time
backyard fun before the rain starts
apparently he had been a really bad dog.
notice the hand cuffs

Monday, October 13, 2008

Newborn Photo Shoot with Heather Ward

Heather Ward always does such an amazing job durinig our photo shoots. Here photos always seem to capture my kids "true" spirit. I am so sad she is moving away. There were so many good ones I had a hard time picking :) beware of photo overload. Lorelei was 9 days old in the pictures.

I love these two pictures!