Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Family Photos

I LOVE Heather Ward!! The family pictures turned out better then I could have imagined!! She really did a fantastic job!! Here are a few of my favs.

Okay so I had a hard time picking just a few :) Can you blame me, the kids are so cute!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jackson's Family Party

We went home on the 12th to celebrate Jackson's birthday with our families. He was in heaven. First he got to spend the afternoon with Averie and Dallon, our two friends we miss dearly, then we had pizza for dinner, presents, a pinata and cake. Could his day have gotten any better?!?! I think not. He had a great time visiting with everyone and is still asking if we can go home to see his uncles. Here are some fun pics of the night.

He loves his pinata
Fighting Dad for the candy

The rest of the boys battling for the candy
He ran off to enjoy his spoils in private(before mom could say no)
Dad and his loot!

The pirate cake he was so excited

We had such a great time, it was really wonderful to see our family agian. We love you all!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I love two year olds

Abagayle and I have been have some trying times lately. She is just melting down at the drop of a hat. Now normally this happens between 4pm and bedtime, so I chalk it up to being tired. OH BOY have I been wrong!! I think we have hit the TERRIBLE TWOS! Now she has always been a little bit of a boss, and tantrums came now and again. But lately the meltdowns seem like all day. Take today, we had been awake for about an hour, she is screaming and crying about I do not know what. I am, of course, on the phone with a dr office and I cannot hear the lady. I actually have to lock myself in the bathroom and ask the nurse to speak louder! How embarrassing! I have no idea what she wanted, she continued to yell something for a few min. She did manage to calm down after about 10 min of me holding her (while she was screaming) So mom starts the day with a headache, this rulz! I love being a mom :)

This is when she is my favorite! ;)

PS Jackson has a cold right now, so needless to say he is a little more whinny then normal.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

She is doing new things each day

Whenever Abagayle would read a book, it was always to herself, in her head. She never read books outloud. I have been waiting for her to do this. You know to look and the pictures and tell the story as she sees it. She started doing it and Brandon caught a little video of it. Our camera only does 30 sec. at a time so you get the idea. She is sitting on camping pads. Brandon had taken them out of the shed to put the Christmas tubs away and she made herself a little seat :)
You will have to go down and pause my music (down on the right) so you can hear.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Look what Grandma made!!

Grandma made the kids quilts for Christmas. They love them. The first night they only wanted their blankets for bed time. Of course Jackson still wanted his James blanket too :) Here they are: Jackson's has boys with fishing poles, each square is a little different.

Abagayles has little girls with butterflies and again each square is a little different.

Grandma hand stiched each square then sewed the quilt together. Thanks Grandma they love them.

Jackson's 4th Birthday!!

WOW!! My baby turned 4 on Wednesday, the 2nd. I cannot believe it has been 4 years already. When we had him we had just moved to Bellingham, WA a couple months before. Brandon had just started his junior year at WWU. Now we live in Portland, OR and Brandon is in his second year chiropratic college. He is growing into quite the little boy. He amazes me everyday with his knowledge. As I am throwing away a can, he tells me "Mom don't put that in the garbage, that is recycle!" He is constantly asking for a little brother, not a sister like Abagayle. However the two of them are becoming best friends. If they are both getting in trouble for something, he is quick to tell me to leave his sister alone.

For his birthday we had quite the fun day. He woke up to about 20 balloons on the floor, a big red one tied to his chair and cupcakes at the table. He did get one small present on Wednesday, a Capt. Jack Sparrow action figure.

We went to the spagetti factory for dinner for his birthday. The Goodman family joined us for the occaision. We surprised him with the pirate cake that he really wanted. He was really excited!! Some pictures from the night.

Lovein the pirate cake!!

Thanks for pickin up the pirate hats, the Goodmans are so good to us