Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gunters

We went up to Salt Lake area last month. While we there the Gunter's were gracious enough to let our crazy crew stay with them. We got to celebrate Sydney's first birthday with them. She is such little cutie! She loved us, some of the time. It was fun to watch her and Lorelei, they are only 7 months apart! Lifelong best friends I am sure of it, like their moms :)
Sonnet made up some cute goody bags with awesome glasses!
Sydney with her awesome new present from her parents, she (and Lorelei) loved it!
Everyone was so "helpful" when Sydney was opening her gifts.

Averie, I love this girl. She is such good helper to her mom. I can't believe how grown up she is. I remember her being so little. She has grown into quite the young lady, already. We love the Gunter family and are so happy we live much closer, only 4 -5 hours away, or if you drive like Brandon 3 hours and 45 min. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poor Poor Lorelei

On Sat the 8th Lorelei reached up on the counter and grabbed an open can of peaches. Brett left the can right on the edge :) She then stuck her finger in and got it stuck between the can and the jagged lid. When she yanked it out it was bleeding everywhere. I have never had to take a kid to get stitches yet, but I knew she needed them. Three stitches in her pointer finger. Then Sunday morning she takes a nose/penguin dive into the soaking tub, smashing her nose on a pitcher we use to rinse their hair. We took her to the urget care however they said it wasn't cut so the they couldn't sew it, she just crushed it so bad it made a gash, nice.

We had to keep the wrap on over the stitches for 10 days. She tore it off probably three times a day on a good day :)
During Saturday's joy Jackson started puking and then Abagayle started that night. Lovely. Jackson is puking in a bowl at the urgent care while Lorelei is screaming from stitches. Later that night I have to leave the monitor on because Abagayle is so tired she is sleeping through puking. As soon as we hear here cough we run in sit her up, while sleeping, she pukes with clean her up, change the sheets if we didn't get there in time, and lay her back down.
I got sick the day....Mothers Day. It was a great weekend :)

Science Fair

Jackson wanted to compete in the science fair at school. We finally settled on a project, sugar crystal growth. He wanted to see if the crystals grew more or less with food coloring added. The idea was for the kids to do most of the project. The above pictures are of him doing the project at home.
The picture just below is the district fair. That is right he won first place at his school for kindergarten, so he got to go to districts at Dixie State College. He thought that was so awesome.
These pictures are from the school fair. He did a lot of work. He had to stand next to his project for 2 hours for Jackson that is a lot and answer questions from 5 judges. Yikes. He did great. We didn't place at districts but that was fine. He had a great time.